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IDS Major with either B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) or B.S. (Bachelor of Science) Degree Option:

IDS is an open major, which means a student does not have to apply for admission.  Student is encouraged to meet with an IDS major advisor to discuss the concentration and cognate options, and which will best fit with their educational and career goals.  This is a popular major choice both for students who want to go directly to work after graduation, in Human Resources, Public Health, International Relations, Sales, Management and Community Development, as well as for those interested in taking courses in preparation for post-graduate programs, in the areas of pre-med, pre-nursing and pre-law.

IDS - Academic Programs, Registrar's Office Website


IDS Social Science Education, B.A. (Bachelor of Arts), in Secondary Education (Social Studies, grades 6-12):

This is a limited enrollment major that requires application to the College of Education’s Teacher Certification program, normally in the Fall Semester of the sophomore year.  Please see an IDS major advisor for complete information, and also review the College of Education web site for information on how to apply for admission to a secondary education major  ( ).

IDS: Social Science Education - Academic Programs, Registrar's Office Website




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